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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Road Trip - Palm Springs

This week Ellen and I will be traveling. The Society of Professional Journalist Regional meeting is in Palm Springs on the 15th, 16th and 17th. We are taking our trailer on a shakedown cruse with a new pickup, leaving the Rottweiller and his nanny to guard the house. This is sure to lead to some interesting adventures. Actual route will depend on the weather, SR-395 or SR-99 to I-10. Ellen and I will be checking out WiFi coverage in the communities where we stop, to see if we can maintain this weblog using wireless Internet connections. We will also be stopping to look at the desert blooms, and posting photos when we can.

Once we arrive in at the SPJ Conference, here is some programs I am interested in:
Follow the Money: A rep from the Sonoran Institute and a former journalist will be on hand to demo/discuss their free, online Economic Profiling System - a tool for reporters to get invaluable data on their communities and how to turn it into compelling stories. You will find a Nevada County profile here.

Freelancing Doesn't Have to Suck: Several successful freelancers will share some inspiration and give up their secrets to getting people to write them checks.

Copy Cats: Ethics panel focusing on plagiarism. What, beyond its bad and don't do it and today its easy/tempting with the internet.
My other goals are to eavesdrop on how other newspapers are surviving, with dead tree readership in decline, while online readership is growing. Were does blogging fit in to this mix? I will let you know if it does. Also, planning some Palm Springs interviews for a municipal network story I am working on for the Capitol Journal.

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