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Friday, April 08, 2005

A question no one has answered

Readers comment on parental notification issue, April 8, 2005

Betty Evans writes:
As a guardian/parent, I was always notified when my grandson broke rules or got hurt participating in sports, along with having to sign permission slips for sports physicals. If an injury occurred, I was advised to take him to the doctor or hospital at my expense, which leads me to ask: Who is monetarily responsible for children with serious conditions seen by doctors without parental consent? What happens after an abortion and treatment for depression or sexually transmitted diseases has been performed and children come home to unknowing parents?

Both Betty and I have the same question. Who pays the bills, when things go wrong, when the teen is depressed and needs on going counciling, or long term medical treatment is required? If it is the parent, then we need to notify them.

I agree with another writer, raise your children right and the situation will become an issue.

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