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Friday, April 01, 2005

PACNC’s bogus analysis

PACNC is the web site supporting the NJUHSD Student Confidentiality Policy. In there Fact Sheet #2 they have some statistics, claiming that Capitol Resources Institute generated a bogus survey. It looks more like bogus analysis by Susan Rogers, Nevada County Citizens for Choice.
Here is the actual survey question and the numbers, per information obtained by a member of the NJUHSD board from CRI program director Karen England and given to Superintendent Maggie Deetz. The question was third in a multi-question automated phone survey. The exact wording was: “Should our public schools required parental consent and notification when a minor student leaves the school grounds for any reason other than an emergency?”

Per Karen England, 1,500 people responded to one or more survey questions. But the number who answered the question on parental consent and notification was only 6.3% of the total 1,500 who responded. This means that only 97 people responded to that question. If 82% of the 97 said “yes” to the question, that is only 80 people or 5.4% of those surveyed.
For the record. A total of 15,000 calls were made countywide. The total number responding was 1,505, however, 558 responses could not be read by the computer. These unrecorded response were tossed out, leaving a response of 6.3 percent. (947/15,000 = 6.3) Of the 947 who answered, 774 or 81.73 percent answered " yes" kids should not be released without a parent approval. Leaving 173 who answered "no", or 18 percent.

Typical survey responses are 2 to 3 percent. This survey’s response was over 6 percent, a valid survey response. It was not a bogus survey, as suggested on the PACNC web site. It was a bogus analysis.

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