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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

More desert beauty

Dateline Lonepine, Boulder Creek RV Park, 19 April 2005.

We have decided to spend one more day in the desert, admiring the wild flowers that are so abundant this year. The record setting winter rains, have filled every open space with desert dandelions, daisy’s, buttercups and other unrecognized yellow flowers. Clusters of purple flowers struggle to be noticed. The yellow flowers wave from the seams in the concrete at the roads edge, up the bank, across the berm, disappearing in the desert haze toward snow topped mountains that glow in a patina of green. The desert is a live with color. At lower elevations, the spring flowers have already vanished in the approaching summer heat. The cacti are round and succulent, filled with moisture, shoots of new growth pointing at the sun, ready for the long days of summer’s dry heat.

The campground advertised high speed wireless internet, but it is busted. “They have been working on for two days,” explained out host. The slooooow dial up will limit our ability to post comments on the news, but I will catch up when we return on Thursday.

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