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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Majority rule, the American way

John J. Bradley sees a Power grab in Washington, April 9, 2005
Radical Republicans want absolute power to appoint Supreme Court justices that will favor corporate interests and the extreme right over the rest of us.
Republicans have taken millions of dollars from their corporate backers. Now they're seeking to use the courts to pay back their big donors by overturning protections they have long agitated to remove, like labor rights, environmental laws, and privacy rights.
Does anyone see any problem with this last statement?

First, if Kerry had won, would the writer make the same statement about Democrats?

Second, why would the Republican, which have an elected majority, want to use the judiciary to remake the laws. The judiciaries role is to interpret the laws made by Congress. If the Republican elected majority wants to change labor, environmental and privacy laws, they can just pass new legislation. The problem we have today, is the way liberal courts are interpreting existing laws, making it apply or not apply to fit their personal views. The Republican Congress, is attempting to bring balance to our court system, by adding a few some strict constitutional justices to the mix. Bring balance to an unbalanced situation. Something the liberals want to prevent, the courts are their only option to bring about their nanny government agenda.

Finally, when the Democrats were in the majority, they did not hesitate to change the rules to meet their constituents needs, why should the Republican hesitate now? Our political system is based on majority rule, not on minority rule. If the Democrats want to make the rules, they need to show the voters that they are the better leaders. Being an obstructionist is not leading.

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