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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Let's make NCTV an opt in program

Pat Barrentine has some interesting coments on the “Comcast, NCTV survey,” April 26, 2005
I found it impossible to answer a question in your survey regarding Comcast and NCTV. I am and have been for some time a Comcast customer. I pay for that service. And I understand the community responsibility cable companies must meet as part of their contracts. So do I want to pay for NCTV? Yes, but only as a member of NCTV. I'm already paying for Comcast. I think you'll find that accounts for many of the "No" answers.
This is an interesting idea, let’s have an opt in progam. Those that want NCTC can have a check off box in the Comcast bill, and send in their donation. Those of us who find little value in NCTC, will not have to pay for bad programming.

I would like to know how many Comcast Customers actually watch NCTC. Once Comcast negociates the final franchise fees, and the City and County decide how much of these fees they will allocate to NCTV, we can divide that amount by the number of people watching. This will give other Comcast users and idea of how much they are paying for each NCTV viewer. Too much is my estimate.

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