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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It is baaack, the CDF Fire Tax

Chris Dabis our tax collector writes:
Remember last year when our State legislators wanted to place a State tax on your property tax bill to fund CDF? Remember how CalTax and the California Federal Farm Bureau, and other groups questioned the legal authority of the State to levy a tax on property owners? Well, it's back.
More at Chris Dabis’s web page here. Including excerpts from the CDF report.

The Board of Supervisors are taking a strong position, lead by Supervisor Robin Sutherland. She thinks that we are already paying for fire protection. She is worried, about the impact on agriculture, protection of public lands which cannot be taxed, and the impact on the local economy to due increased fees in a rural county with large forested areas. We will be hearing more from the BOS on this issue.

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