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Monday, April 11, 2005

Iraq is not Viet Nam

John Keane is concerned with Recruiters on campus, April 11, 2005
Our leaders are deathly afraid of the draft, as it will put their kids at risk. Your complicity will help keep their children safe at home. The truth of this war will arrive with our returning troops and we must prepare to welcome and assist these wounded souls while opposition to the war increases.
Yes our leaders are afraid of drafting slackers, addicts, and malcontents. Today's military of volunteers, are highly trained professionals, many who are reservists. These reservist have been rotating between, home and the war zones, and we have not seen any increased opposition to the war. Reading the liberal antiwar newspapers you will get a distorted view of what is happening in Iraq. I recommend you read some of the web logs coming from Iraq and Afghanistan, written by the front line troops. Winds of Change, Arthur Chrenkoff weekly round up of good news from Iraq is a good place to start.

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