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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Climate Research, follow the money

John McDonald writes Global warming pays. April 19, 2005
To reduce the mass of extensive research studies on atmospheric degradation and the work of dedicated scientists to a sleazy get-rich scheme is an astonishing example of head-in-the-sand reaction to bad news.
Mr. McDonald might want to read the following report before he does any more name calling.

Funding Flows for Climate Change Research and Related Activities by Jeff Kueter, President George C. Marshall Institute. Document is here.

This report has some great graphs, and lists of who is getting your tax dollars to do climate change research. The reports Conclusion, in part:

This data analysis reveals two points of interest as the public
considers policy responses to climate change.

First, conservatively estimated, private foundations spend $35-50 million on climate change and related projects at public policy institutes and universities each year. While that amount is trivial in relation to the overall expenditures by foundations every year, funds supporting climate change activities are quite important to the bottom lines of these institutes, universities, and other organizations.

Second, the federal role is even more striking. Even with the crude indicators available, the federal government spends in the range of $1.5-2.0 billion annually on climate change activities, with the preponderance of that support directed to universities. While $2 billion is a low percentage of total federal spending on science and technology, government resources make up an alarmingly high percentage of the resources some universities, and individual researchers, devote to research in atmospheric sciences and related fields.

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