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Monday, April 25, 2005

Barnetts Weekly Digest and Newletter

The Thomas P.M. Barnetts Weekly Digest and Newletter is posted here. He explains why the New Rule Set Reset eJournal will not longer be published, and has been replaced by this Newsletter Digest. From the first edition: Top Ten Reasons Why I Hate WW IV.
Terrorism is but a tactic, not an enemy. Its complete eradication is a chimera. Our goal is to marginalize it as a weapon by delegitimizing its use, and we do that best not by preventing its occurrence completely, but by routinizing its effect to the point of rendering all such acts obviously futile. In Core states, terrorism disrupts connectivity but does not call it into question, because the density of our current level of connectivity is simply too great to overcome through sheer physical destruction. It is our expectation of continued connectivity—indeed our demand for it—that ultimately makes us invulnerable to the tactics of terrorism: no amount of terrorism can turn back history's clock in the United States.
Tom is one of the wisest liberal democrats I know. I don’t agree with everything he writes, but I agree that globalization is here, and can be the leading force for peace in our time. Be sure to check out the glossary at the end, if you have not read The Pentagon's New Map.

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