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Friday, April 01, 2005

Another global warming skeptic

Tom Crosswhite writes Global warming makes money, not sense, April 1, 2005

Nice to have another voice in the global warming skeptics camp.

UPDATE: Support for Tom's Other Voices in this Marshall Institute Report

Funding Flows for Climate Change Research and Related Activities, by Jeff Kueter
April 1, 2005, Marshall Institute

The study compiles and presents publicly available data on grants from the federal government and private foundations. Some of the findings include:

• Private foundations distribute a minimum of $35-50 million annually to non-profit organizations and universities to comment on or study various elements of the climate change debate.

• Climate change-related projects accounted for over 25% of the 3-year total reported grants and contributions received by 10 of the top-20 institutions receiving support from foundations. For 6 organizations, climate change grants accounted for 50% of their reported grants and contributions received.

• The federal government spent nearly $2 billion to support climate change science programs in FY 2004.

• In 28 of the top-30 R&D performing academic institutions, federal financing accounts for more than 50% of the institution’s expenditures on atmospheric R&D.

Read full report here.

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