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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thoughts on Parent-Consent

DAVID MIRHADI, writes about Parental-consent conflict, School trustees don't change policy after debate, in an article, March 17, 2005.
The debate over consent between high school students and their parents wasn't settled Wednesday night, but an overflow crowd at Bear River High School ensured that both sides of the debate were well represented.
We got a call from Sue Horne, but did not attend the meeting as our four daughters are grown up, three are married, two raising a family. Ellen and I worked hard to maintain communication with our daughters as they transitioned from little girls to women. Once they reached 18, we were confident they could make independent health decisions. We encouraged them to confide in us, but were willing to accept their need for personal privacy.

My question, had I attended the meeting. Who is responsible for my high school daughter under 18, once she left school on a secret medical appointment? If something happened to her, is the school liable, or is the parent still responsible, while she in on this secret school sponsored trip to the doctor? In my mind, if the school makes the decision, without letting the parent know, they are responsible. Are the schools will to step up to this responsibility?

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