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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Things are a changin

Two technologies have changed how we get our entertainment, and news, at the Steele household. We bought a GMC pickup in January with a XM Satellite radio installed. This new technology has changed our radio listening habits. We now listen to the music of our choice, light jazz, blues or bluegrass without commercial interruption. The range of selection is awesome, including the voice side of many satellite TV channels, including CNN, FOX NEWS, MSNBC, CNBC. News any time, any where.

Broadband access has also changed our home listening habits. We now can log on to the XM Radio on the Internet, or iTunes radio channel using the broadband connection. Again we are not listening to ad sponsored entertainment, but free, or subscription entertainment. I can listen to the Internet radio on my computer while writing on this web log, writing freelance columns, or surfing the Internet. All free, or for a small fee on the XM Internet channels. A space enthusiast, I can down load the latest from NASA on my iPod, and listen while walking the dog. Sorry Rush, you are no longer that interesting. It is called podcasting. My Mac downloads the audio files from NASA, which it automatically puts the audio files on my iPod. I can pick up the iPod on the way out the door with the dog.

If more listeners adopt these listening patterns, then local radio is in trouble. I have a pocket XM radio on my Christmas list. Then they should less expensive by Xmas. Right now $350.00 is a little steep for my gift givers budget.

UPDATE: Volvo and Mercedes-Benz are planning an iPod interface for the 2006 models, to provide iPod control functions while driving. Apple is also in talks with Nissan, BMW and Cooper Mini. (WSJ)

New listening habits are going to challenge local radio.

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