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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Tell me again it was just for oil

From TPM Barnetts web log today:
None of this would happen, we would told by regional experts galore. The Big Bang was fantasy. There would be no ripple effect, just blowback and another Vietnam/Afghanistan. Bush and his neocons were reckless and unmindful of history. Imperial hubris, we were told.

Tell me those troops die in vain when you watch what's happened in the Middle East since the start of the year: elections in Palestine, elections in Iraq, elections in Saudi Arabia, the pullouts beginning by Israel, a cabinet half full of PhDs for Palestine, negotiations between a duly elected Iraqi government and Sunni insurgents, Syria promising to pull out of Lebanon, Syria handing over Saddam's half-brother, Mubarek calling for multiparty elections in Egypt this year, Lebanon's pro-Syria government shouted out of power.
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