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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Student chant, not Republican policy

Velva J Harris in Save Social Security, March 5, 2005, takes a student chant as Republican policy, with some help from a Democratic talking paper.
The "Social Security has got to go" chants of Republicans show that for them, privatization is just the first step toward getting rid of Social Security. The Bush administration is using scare tactics again.
Not policy but some students having some fun.
Last week, my colleagues and I in the Drexel Republicans drew fire for trying to get students to realize how very important politicians need to reform social security in a bipartisan fashion or else it would collapse. Sadly, the Democrats are not giving any indication that they'll help.

Drexel Democrats President Brad Levinson may make fun of us for chanting "Hey hey, ho ho, social security has got to go," when Senator Rick Santorum came to Drexel, but he overlooks a large embarrassment on his side of the fence.
It did not take the Democratic spin machine long to start a nation letter writing campaign to suggest the students were setting policy:

Sun-Sentinal South Florida, a Lake Worth writer:
The other night on CNN, I was shocked to hear a group of Republicans outside a town hall meeting hosted by Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., chanting, "Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Social Security has got to go."

That chant, more than President Bush's public pronouncements, reflect the true hopes and intentions of the Republican Party's dominant right wing.
Another letter writer in the York Daily Record in PA
America, be warned: The president and his party would like to get rid of Social Security. That’s what Rick Santorum’s supporters were chanting recently as CNN filmed him entering a town hall meeting in Philadelphia. “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Social Security’s got to go,” went their joyous little rhyme.

While Santorum said “it is time for a Republican solution to Social Security,” I think that chorus outside the meeting was more honest about where this plan will lead. The Republican Party has been trying to get rid of Social Security ever since it started.
Similar in the Central Maine Morning Sentinel, ME, and Fauquier Times-Democrat, VA

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