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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Still waiting for the real budget analysis

Jackie Mason writes about Budget mortgages future, March 29, 2005
The Bush Administration is trying to ram the budget through Congress with little scrutiny or study. Why? Because if any reasonable person does study it, they would be horrified to learn that their future and their children's future are being mortgaged to the military industrial complex, corporate interests and millionaires.


How are we losing? The budget proposes $18 billion cuts in domestic programs that include education, environment, health, Medicaid and veterans' benefits. Check out this Web site for a better understanding of the budget proposals and their impact

Another report read through a liberal mind filter. First the libs complain that Republican spending is out of control, then they complain when budgets are brought under control. In a previous post, we frisked another letter about education budget cuts. Cuts related only to program that have proven ineffective. Why continue to fund progams that clearly do not work? For example, the Head Start Program. Studies have shown that attendes do no better in school than children that do not attend. The money spent produces no results, it is a failed program. The writer mentions the loss of veterans benefits and provides a reference document, which is quite large, filled with paragraph after paragraph of “we assume.” Using a search function, I could only find one graph for veteran benefits projected for 2010. There was no analyis or justification for the graph in the text, nor even a liteney of “we assume” found in the analysis of other programs. This letter is not about the Presidents budget, it is about a liberal fantasy.

UPDATE: More on Presidents budget at Grown Ups

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