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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Rule-Set Reset Journal

The global economy, politics and diplomacy function on a set of rules. Over time the rules change as perturbations force changes in the rule sets. The Bush Doctrine is changing the rule sets in the Middle East for example.

Our local economy also functions on a rule set. The rapid rise in housing prices are a perturbation that is changing the local economic rule set. Manufacturing is leaving, or has left due to to rising costs. Before long our design centers will leave, when companies can no longer convince engineers, with special skills or knowledge, to move here due to the high cost of housing. The loss of Beale AFB would be another major perturbation.

Thomas Barnett and his colleagues have started the Rule-Set Reset Journal. The first two issues are free. Follow on issues will be just under $300 a year for a subscription. I encourage you to download the two free issues here. We live in a world of global connectivity. Our local economy is connected to the global economy. It is vital as community leaders you understand these connections. The Rule-Set Reset Journal will help everyone understand where Nevada County fits in the larger economic rule sets, and the impact perturbation will, or can, have on our future quality of life.

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