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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

More details please, a fact or two would help

Lee Traupel is concerned about the The spin machine, March 23, 2005, but provides few facts to back up his claims, like these:
This administration spends hundreds of millions of tax dollars spinning the news for an American public so it can hide behind the complexity of today's events while driving its own agenda of greed and slash-and-burn politics.


Is this any way to run a country - lowering taxes for the rich, using our military power to ride rough shod over whoever we please and cutting benefits for millions of hard-working Americans?

I guess all the poor hard working Americans who are incapable of understanding complex events, like the tax code, are Democrats. Did Mr Trampel note those rich Democrats that donated more money for the Kerry election than those rich Republicans did to Bush. Did he note that the rich Kerry family keeps their wealth in tax free investments. By the way, what is rich? Are familes that make over $100,000 a year in salary rich? Or is it $200,000. Making $200,000 a year in salary is not wealth, it is just a big salary. Help us out Mr. Trample, who are these "rich"?

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