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Friday, March 04, 2005

Meat eaters cause global warming?

Gerold Lawson wants you to Support the Kyoto Treaty March 4, 2005, by stop eating meat.
This week, U.S. government scientists confirmed a definite rise in the temperature of ocean waters, the driving force behind global climate changes.
Yes, the ocean is warming as we come out of the Little Ice Age, which ended in the mid 1800s. Yes, the glaciers are melting, and they have in the past, but their is no scientific evidence that it is caused by CO2. In fact the ice cores show that in past warming cycles following glaciation, the warming peaked 400 years before CO2 concentrations peaked. It would appear that warming preceded the CO2. So, what was the cause of the warming?
Yes, our diets. According to Cornell University Professor David Pimentel, production of animal-based foods accounts for 8 percent of the national consumption of fossil fuels - nearly as much as driving our cars. It requires nearly 10 times as much fuel as production of plant-based foods. The additional fuel is used to grow animal feed, to operate factory farms and slaughterhouses, and to process and refrigerate meat and dairy products.

Wow and other fuzzy headed global warming theory, all you meat eaters are causing global warming. Do you buy this argument?

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