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Monday, March 28, 2005

Lost Letters to Editor

I sent the letter below to the Union on March 20th, addressed to Called today to check on why nothing published, or a call to confirm it was really my letter. Janet Lee said, "we are having problems with our e-mail." This is the third time I have lost a letter in the Union’s e-mail black hole. I suggest you send your letters directly to the editor, and do not use the web based e-mail box. Ask for a reply that the letter has been received. You can also send a copy to
Dear Editor:

This is a tip for letter writers who replicate and other left wing talking points in their letters. It’s easy for Internet users to identify you by Googling a phrase from your letter, and see if it appears in other letters across the nation. For example, this letter on March 19th. “This administration is pushing through the budget this week before critics and the media can point out huge program cuts and corporate giveaways,” is almost a direct quote from the talking points on’s web page. This same phrase appeared in multiple newspapers across the nation.

Another example, “I find it hard to believe, but last week I heard a group of "Republicans" chanting.” This same phrase appeared in papers in Maine, Virginia, Pennsylvania and two letters in Nevada County.

Wise up letter writers. Put your own thoughts in letters. It is a bigger challenge to comment on an original thought, rather than just identify you as just another robot letter writer, at NC Media Watch:

Russ Steele

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