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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Just an Observation

Ellen and I have been going to the Flower Garden in Glembrook for Sunday morning coffee, and some people watching, since our last daughter went off to CalPoly in the spring of 1996. Recently we started visiting more often with our laptops to down load software updates, and audio books for Ellen’s iPod. We have ISDN at home, but the wireless connection at the Flower Garden, a French roast coffee and latte with extra foam, make the process go much faster.

Early on we often saw a friend, or some one we knew, come in and we would exchange greetings and chat, but now it is a different crowd. Hardly see anyone we know. It has been the long time custom at Flower Garden to buss your dishes, and wipe any crumbs off the table before leaving. Today we see more and more people just get up a walk away, leaving their mess for the staff . Its a different crowd today. I kind of miss those days when we could chat with our neighbors, and people picked up after themselves.

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