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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Global Warming Data Sources for SIR

Today I gave a talk on global warming to Seniors in Retirement, and several members ask for some of my sources. Listed below are some of the sources used in preparing my talk, plus other interesting sites: [Click on highlighted links]

JunkScience has some great charts, including many of those used in my presentation. Check out the Warming Features on the right hand side of the web page. The main page is a global warming news aggregator site, check daily.

CO2 Science
was the source of the Colfax Global Warming chart. This is a pay site, $12.00 a year, to gain access to all the data bases, but they do have a free newsletter with a temperature record of the week. The searchable database is most interesting, you can check temperature trends across the nation, including your old home town.

Tech Central Station’s Climate Change has interesting global warming news and editorials. I check this page once a day.

The Pew Center for Global Climate Change publishes some interesting papers, they follow the Kyoto meetings.

If you want to participate in Global Warming discussions, check out Climate Audit. They have links to McIntyre's and McKitrick's web pages and hockey stick discussions.

Alternative global warming views can be found at RealClimate, which was established to counter the global warming skeptics.

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