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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Editorial advice from The Union

Pat Butler, the new Union Editor, has A few guidelines for our contributors, March 12, 2005

Pat provides some good advice to current and future letter, and other voices writers. In the process he still leaves some work for us bloggers.
If there is a minor factual error that doesn't affect the message, we'll fix it.
What about the big errors, or the faulty logic?
If we do want to cut or edit something, we will contact you and discuss options that will include removing the material or rewriting it.
If The Union is going to review more of this wacko stuff, will they also take time to insist letter writers check their facts. Maybe check to see if the writers are just regurgitating some political talking points. All it takes is to select a phrase, copy it, and paste into Goggle. If the same phrase appears in other letters to the editor across the nation, it was just talking points. I suggest they return these letters, requesting the writes thoughts, not those of some political hack on a mission.

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