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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The cost of freedom

Susanna Wilson writes the War's costs too high, March 9, 2005
Dear President:

When you started this war, did you even think about all the grief you would cause? All of our young men and women who would be killed or maimed for life? All of the women, children and innocent men who would be killed in a country we invaded? In a country that doesn't even want us there?
Madam what proof do you offer that we are not wanted in Iraq? The terrorits who are killing their own people? Our presence in Iraq is changing the whole rule set in the Middle East. Freedom is winning. From the New York Times, not known to be a Bush supporter:

He has gone out of his way not to crow, or even to take direct credit. But not quite two years after he began the invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, and not quite two months after a second Inaugural Address in which he spoke of "ending tyranny," President Bush seems entitled to claim as he did on Tuesday that a "thaw has begun" in the broader Middle East.

At the very least, Mr. Bush is feeling the glow of the recent flurry of impulses toward democracy in Iraq, the Palestinian territories, Lebanon and even Egypt and Saudi Arabia, where events have put him on a bit of a roll and some of his sharpest critics on the defensive. It now seems just possible that Mr. Bush and aides like Deputy Defense Secretary Paul D. Wolfowitz were not wrong to argue that the "status quo of despotism cannot be ignored or appeased, kept in a box or cut off," as the president put it in a speech at the National Defense University here.

Now for the education budget. You write:
And now that you've caused this horrendous action, and calling yourself a Christian, you now want to cut money from our educational system, further harming our youth. And cut from our health care to the elderly, children and the poorest of our citizens because of the expense of this unjust war.
The two Education programs to be cut are:

The Women, Infants and Children nutrition program was funded at $4.7 billion for the fiscal year beginning in October. In 2006, the program would be cut by $122 million, or 2.5 percent.. Head Start, the early-childhood education program for the poor, would lose $177 million, or 2.5 percent of its budget, in fiscal 2006.

The performance of these progams and their impact on children's education has been questioned by recent research. Head Start children did not perform any better then those children that did not participate in the program. Total Education reduction is about $299 million, for programs that have not show any impact on children's education. One half of one percent of the total Education budget. Far short of the funding needed to provide freedom to the citizens of Iraq

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