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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Community food fight, protect the children

Protect All Children of Nevada County, A Community Coalition Supporting the, Nevada Joint Union High School District has established a website.
[D]istrict superintendent Maggie Deetz says no employee currently at the district has reported ever receiving a parent complaint as a result of having excused the student during school hours for confidential medical care.
Anyone see a problem with this statement? If the student’s visit was a secret, and never told the parent, how would the school ever receive a complaint? They would not!
The policy is working fine. And, it is not used very frequently. Deetz says that in the vast majority of cases, counselors and nurses are able to talk the student into a joint parent-student meeting facilitated by the counselor or nurse.
The web site claims the student have no other option than a secret doctor visit. The above statement shows that school counselors are an avenue for redress, and for bring the parents into the decision making process. This seems to me to be the right approach.

I still want to know, if something happens to ingure the child during a secret doctor visit, who is responsible for the long term care for the injured child? The doctor? The school? The parents? The answer is -- parents. Thus, the parent must be involved in the decision to attend the doctor. If you answer doctor or school, how will this long term care be funded? How will we keep this care a secret from the parents? Right!

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