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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Band-Aiding Postal Traffic Solutions

Gerard Tassone, Grass Valley Mayor, applies more Band-Aids in the Post office poses traffic challenges, March 12, 2005
The location of the post office has long compounded traffic on adjacent streets and the enhancements to the parking lot several years ago did not increase the amount of parking, nor did it help the traffic flow on city streets.
The Union editorial board get’s it right in the Time to address Post Office issue, March 12, 2005 issue.
If we had a say-so, we'd try to convince the Postal Service officials to move it to another part of town, where customers could access it without tying up traffic on an already-congested East Main Street.
If the City Council in Grass Valley were true leaders, capable of thinking seriously about the future, they would strike a deal with the Post Office and move it to a more appropriate location. Traffic in East Main Street is not going to get any better, until it is four lanes from Idaho Maryland intersect to down town. It is time to stop hoping the problem with be fixed with a few Band-Aid fixes. Move the Post Office is the first step to an effective solution, widening East Main is the second step to solving East Main traffic congestion.

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