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Friday, February 25, 2005

Unintended Consequences of Rules

Future of traffic rule uncertain City examines controversial '2-second rule' by Britt Retherford, February 25, 2005
For the past two years, projects in Grass Valley have been stalled, tweaked, and even halted - all in the name of traffic and a particular rule that determines if, when, and where a new business can be located.
Councilman Dean Williams said he wants to make it into an even more strict "one-second rule." This would essentially create a moratorium on building anything at all in Grass Valley, Swarthout noted.

Has any one noticed that the Cities and County fret about the lack of affordable housing, yet they go about making rules that inhibit the development of such housing. See my 20 Feb. posting on a Harvard study of 300 housing markets. It is folks like Dean Williams, speaking for the Neighborhood Associations that want to tighten up the rules, that will someday be moaning about the lack of affordable housing.

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