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Friday, February 04, 2005

Simple terror reduction?

Sterling Warr-Pryer writes about Reducing terrorism without loss of life, February 4, 2005
What if instead of being the arrogant big bully of the world, the U.S. made unilateral preemptive strikes of caring around the world? We could create help centers for needy villages regardless of race, religion, or politics. If a small health clinic cost $2 million, a school $.5 million a fleet of community tractors $.5 million, and a water improvement team $1 million, the cost of one week in Iraq (latest estimate $1 billion) could create 250 centers around the world. One "Iraqi month" would spawn 1,000 centers and one year 12,000 centers.
While Sterling appears to be a compassionate individual, his view of the terrorist problem are too simplistic. Terrorism is a religious war. It is about power and control of a few religious leaders over the many. When the US Troops arrived in Indonesia to help rebuild villages after the tsunami, the Muslim government ask us to leave in 90 days. They did not want us spreading our ideas about individual freedom. The Iraq terrorists are fighting against democracy and individual freedom, they blow up the power plants our troops are rebuilding, destroy water and power facilities out troops repaired, bomb hospitals and schools our troop are rebuilding. If schools, clinics, clean water and reliable power are the solution to terrorism, whey are the terrorist destroying them?

The best solution is individual freedom, connection to the global economy, international foreign investment, and then let the freed people build their own infrastructure, schools, and medical facilities. They will appreciate and care for them more, than if they were a gift from the great Christian Satan.

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