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Friday, February 18, 2005

New Thinking with a Liberal Twist

Terry Lamphier thinks Now is the time for some new thinking is a February 18, 2005 Other Voices

Is there anyone besides me who is tired of seeing the same arguments over and over again on these pages? I'm hoping in this column to kick-start some new thinking so that we can move some of the debate forward.

As a conservative I often disagree with Mr. Lamphier, but his call for some new ideas is more than welcome. Since I am one of the contributors to the global warming argument, lets start there.
No. 1: global warming and the environment. Does it really matter whether global warming is a natural cycle or man-made? Evidence is, it is some of both and it IS happening. The point should be, "are we doing what we can to understand it, and, as necessary and feasible, to mitigate the effects?

Make no mistake, we appear headed for some major challenges to civilization within our lifetimes; I hope those who minimize concerns about the environment are right.

I agree, the best approach is to accommodate global warming. I do not agree, we are in for some major global warming challenges in our lifetime. The Arctic and Antarctic ice is not going to melt and flood the world in our life time. Global warming is not causing more storms violent than normal in our lifetime. Global warming is a long term cycle, which humans, animals and plants will adapt to. They have for millions of years!

We will examine some more comment on other issues later

UPDATE: I think Wayne at Grown Ups caps the issue, no farther comments necessary!

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