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Saturday, February 26, 2005

More PNM Book Reviews

Dean Barnett (no relation to the author) reviews Thomas P. M. Barnett’s book at Tech Central Station, Mind the Gap: Revisiting 'The Pentagon's New Map'

I am a strong believer in Barnett’s vision of our future, and I high recommend his book if you are interested in foreign affairs, or in business. Business leaders must plan for tomorrows markets in a global market place. Even if they do not sell internationally, there is a foreign manufacture who is just waiting to take their domestic market share. Remember, Wal-Mart buys $81 billion in products from China. Understanding the Core and Gap relationships, as defined by Tom Barnett, are vital to understaning the dynamic of tomorrows marketplace, domestic or global.

You can also read the review and Tom's comments here.

UPDATE: Tom has posted five more reviews and comments.

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