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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Ignore Global Warming headlines, read the details

The danger is hot air, not global warming, By Ross Clark, London Daily Telegraph
"Biggest-ever climate simulation warns temperatures may rise by 11 degrees C". Inevitably, the story was widely reported in these alarmist terms. Yet when read in detail, the Nature paper told a different story. The climate change simulations were run 2,000 times, each time with slightly different assumptions. Only the very highest estimate predicted a rise of 11C. Most simulations suggested a rise of around 3.4C, while several actually predicted a fall in global temperatures (though these were discarded by the researchers on "technical grounds"). Moreover, the simulations proposed no timescale for the predicted changes.
Emphasis added. It would appear that, scientists were cherry picking the data, to produce scare mongering headlines, rather than real science. It pays to read the full report, not just the summary which is often written to fill a political need rather than promote the advancement of science.

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