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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Housing Reality Check

Richard Colombini wants a General plan reality check in the February 17, 2005 letters to the editor.
Unlike Mr. Carville, I don't see the "necessity and desirability of a development such as Loma Rica Ranch." I always had visions of this county growing via infill houses and small developments at a reasonable pace, which would give local contractors employment and would avoid the noise, dust, and extra traffic that a huge construction project would generate. To me, growing "within our means" and sticking to our General Plan is the best way to reach the goals this community has established!
The reality is California’s population is growing and the state is demanding that each county house their fair share of this growth. If we fail to plan for more housing, the County and the Cities loose access to grant money.

If we do not build more houses, supply and demand takes over, and the cost of housing continues to rise, driving out our young people and critical service people, who can not afford to live here.

A yet to be published Harvard University study of 300 housing markets, points to government regulation and politically organized citizen groups who resist new development, as the main causes for rapidly rising housing prices and the dirth of affordable housing. More on this study later.

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