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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Global Warming Personal Attack

Sid Heaton rant in Writer's agenda clear, February 23, 2005, makes me wonder what happened to the Union's policy of no personal attacks in the letters to the Editor.
Russ Steele has escaped! No longer confined to his monthly screed in the Letters page, Russ has interjected his usual crank theories on global warming into the ordinarily benign world of book reviews in three of the last four Prospectors.
On vacation for the last three week, I do not know which books Sid is concerned about. The only global warming books reviews submitted so far was State of Fear, By Michael Crichton Apparently this is the review that got under Sid’s skin:

“Wow, you have got to read this book, said Ellen as she finished the last page. “Its about global warming and eco-terrorism, some of your favorite subjects.” I had given her the book for Christmas, because Michael Crichton is one of her favorite authors. State of Fear is a techno political thriller that provides insight into how eco-terrorists operate, how they are funded, and use the press to push their hoaxes on the public. In this case the hoax is global warming, which is currently being used by eco-terrorists to harm the economies of industrialized nations.

This unique novel includes an eighteen-page reference section, and a five-page policy statement outlining what Crichton learned while writing the book. ”Nobody knows how much warming will occur in the next century.”

State of Fear is great storytelling for those who would never read a science book, a great way for non-scientists to learn about the global warming hoax, and those who are promoting it. This is not a perfect book, the reference section leaves out key documents, and both sides of issues are not fully addressed. And, yes I really enjoyed this fast paced book.

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