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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Catching Up One

Michael Schwalm is Analyzing the inauguration speech, in a, February 12, 2005 Other Voices

I have a lot of issues, with Mr Schwalm's Other Voices, but for now let's just review his first statement.
Democracy is not viable without complete freedom of speech. In the U.S. a small handful of people own all the television and cable media which is where most Americans get their information
Yes, a small hand full of liberal outlets used to control our news. In true Democratic form the Internet web loggers, talk radio and Fox News (fastest growing cable news network) is changing where people get their news. In fact, any citizens with a computer can publish their own version of the news, or hold the liberal press accountable. Cases in point are Trent Lotts racist comments, Dan Rathers blather about the Bush military record and Eason Jordan at CNN who claimed the troops were targeting journalist. All went down in flames, once challenged by citizen journalist. According to the Pew Internet in American Life Project:
On a typical day at the end of 2004, some 70 million American adults logged onto the Internet to use email, get news, access government information, check out health and medical information, participate in auctions, book travel reservations, research their genealogy, gamble, seek out romantic partners, and engage in countless other activities. That represents a 37 percent increase from the 51 million Americans who were online on an average day in 2000 when the Pew Internet & American Life Project began its study of online life.
Millions are not longer held captive by a small handful of people [who] own all the television and cable media. Wake up Mr Schwalm.

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