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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Britt Retherford reports on A look ahead - Grass Valley officials plan for future regarding traffic, housing and community involvement. February 3, 2005
Grass Valley city officials met Wednesday afternoon to plan the city's future - or at least plot out the next two years of it.

Councilwoman Lisa Swarthout said she was displeased with the way the Richardson and Bennett streets intersection project turned out and that future multimillion projects currently on the table need more study.

"I think it is important for us to know what the citizens want," said Councilwoman Lisa Swarthout, adding that during her nine years on the Planning Commission, there was often a disconnect between understanding what the City Council's directives and goals meant when making decisions that affected residents' lives.
I am confused, about Lisa Swarthouts concerns over the Richardson and Bennett streets intersection? Did she express her concerns and they were not reported? I am even more confused about her complaints over the lack of planning, when I discovered she was a Planning Commissioner for nine years. So, did she contribute to in the lack of planning on this intersection? Did this need for more planning result from citizen complaints about limited Post Office access? It always pays when planning to do some second level thinking. "What are the second level consequences of this decision." Does this design fix a simple problem, but create a more complex problem, or maybe two?

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