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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Social Security Facts?

Jim Groom what us to ge the Get the real facts on Social Security, January 20, 2005
The argument over Social Security is heating up and not too soon. The administration and fellow travelers are rallying around the flag of misinformation. One published a letter in The Union calling for all to search out the facts, yet this same writer was pushing an article from AEI, one of the largest conservative think tanks. American Enterprise Institute is one of architectural engineers of Bush's plan. What objectivity!
So Jim wants us to check out a web site run by The American Prospect, a magazine of liberal ideas and politics. This is supposed to be a objective site? I suggest you check out both sites, then give the President’s proposal a fair hearing. He is not willing to wait until SS has failed before taking action, he wants to fix it now. He is a true leader, looking ahead to the day when two workers are paying the SS for a single retiree. If SS for this retired person was $2400 a month, each worker would have to pay $1200 each. Will your children be comfortable doing that?

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