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Monday, January 17, 2005

The Red / Blue welfare map

Britt Retherford article on Red county, blue county, January 17, 2005
This map, which depicts the local vote for president in the familiar John Kerry blue shades and George Bush reds, gives the first real picture of the modern political polarization in the county. The pistol-shape outline of the county is clustered with spots of blues and reds, demonstrating that while Bush supporters have a strong hold on the "handle," several of the county's northern communities lean Democratic.
Sorry, the Union did not publish the red/blue map online. When I looked at map in the dead tree edition, I wounder how many past, current and future welfare candidate live in the blue areas. If we plotted welfare recipents by address, would most of them fall in the blue areas?

I am just wondering?

Tell me what you think


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