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Monday, January 31, 2005

The Real Comcast Problem & Update

Britt Retherford wrote about Cash woes for local TV station in The Union, January 31, 2005. Negotiations with Comcast for money, services incomplete
Nevada County's lone public access television station fears for its survival if negotiations that are currently underway and that could keep the 10-month-old station afloat do not find quick a resolution, county officials say.

The viability of Nevada County TeleVision is pinned to receiving money from Comcast, the county's predominant cable service provider.
While this all interesting, the real story is that Comcast is having some bigger money problems than just funding local Cable TV access. The Air Force is balking about letting Comcast replace the coax cable coming from Yuba City to Grass Valley with a fiber optic cable. The rumor is that the Air Force believes Comcast is a security risk. The base has a new high security mission. The estimated cost is $4 Million to reroute the cable around Beale AFB. This rerouting will cause additional delays to the cable plant upgrade, more money pain for the Schools, and no broadband Internet for the rest of us, until the fiber optics in the ground? Anyone have a spare 4 Million?

COMCAST UPDATE (02/01/05):
Britt Retherford, Government Reporter at The Union has an update on the fiber coming across Beale AFB.
“...according to Terry McAteer Nevada County helped Comcast negotiate a $1 million deal last month to get the fiber cable routed through Beale.”
Steve Monaghan points out County saved Comcast big time:
It saved Comcast more like 2-3 Million if they would have had to re-route fiber around Beale...
If the County saved them that much, maybe they should be a little more generous.

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