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Monday, January 24, 2005

More Social Security Disinformation

DeBora A. Miller’s Wake-up call needed January 24, 2005, is more disinformation copied from a Democratic e-mail send to 3 million subscribers. I got one. If you look back through the letters to the editor, you will find some of the exact same phrases.
I wonder what it will take to wake up all of us middle-class Americans to the rip-off that is happening right now to the Social Security benefits that we have been banking on all these years as our employers extract that 7 1/2 percent from our wages every paycheck?

President Bush is endangering my retirement and the retirements of millions of Americans by taking the first step in his plan to dismantle Social Security.
According to the Bush Plan, the changes will not start until the plan is enacted and then only for new workers entering the work force.
Recently, White House sources revealed their plan to cut promised benefits to retirees by nearly a third. And these cuts are guaranteed - whether you opt in to the Bush plan or not.
Ah, those White House Sources. This is right out of the Democratic Party e-mail. We can all put words in the mouth of White House sources.
For those entering the work force today, that means more than a 25 percent cut in the retirement benefits they're counting on; for their children, it guarantees a 46 percent cut.
More disinformation from the Democrats. Reductions may be in the future for those entering the work force, BUT ONLY after Congress and the President have put a plan in place. Which will include a provision to invest a portion of their SS in investment accounts for over forty years.
We can't stand by and let George W. Bush and the Republicans cut our promised guaranteed retirement benefits - especially when so many of us are counting on Social Security to help us lead a happy, healthy life when we retire.
Social Security was a safety net, it was never intended to be a guaranteed retirement plan. Each of us are responsible for our own retirement plan, not the government who is only providing a safety net.

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