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Friday, January 14, 2005

A Message to Liberals

Diane Miessler sends a Message to liberals, in the January 13, 2005 letters to editor.
To my fellow liberals: I'd like to see less demonizing of the Right (many of whose core values I agree with) and more examination of institutional changes we could make toward a better-informed public.
However, I have issues with her third recommendations:
3) Resurrect the Fairness Doctrine we had in the 60s, where media broadcasting views from one end of the spectrum HAD to present opposing views. Remember when media dialogue was civil and reasoned? The Fairness Doctrine would balance extremist, polarizing views of Rush Limbaugh and the like.
I perfer to let the market decide, not the government. We now have the both left and right pundits on the air, and can choose with the tuning knob what we listen too. Even satellite radio has America Right and America Left channels. If no one listens, the channel, or program, will go away.
There's nothing to be gained by trashing the Right; there's much to be gained by ending our institutionalized ignorance.

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