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Friday, January 28, 2005

Big Global Warming Update Part II

The lone Gaspe cedar, by Marcel Crok in the Canadan Financial Post, January 28, 2005
McIntyre and McKitrick draw far reaching conclusions from their research: "When the IPCC decides to base their policy on such studies, triggering the spending of billions of dollars, there should be more thorough checks. At some point, some one should have done an elementary check on the principal component calculations. This never happened and there is no excuse for this."
Yes, and California Air Quality Board and the Public Unilities Commission are pushing regulations that will cost each of us thousnads of dollars each year, and California’s economy billions. All, based on the IPCC report, which is based on a flawed IPCC study that no one checked before McIntyre and McKitrict took up the challenge. We need let our legislators know that they need to re-think the whole global warming issue and it's cost to Californians. It is time to get junk science out of politics.

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