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Monday, December 27, 2004


Bill Murdock is looking for a Consistent story? in the December 17, 2004 Union Letters to the Editor.
When asked why U.S. soldiers in Iraq had to scrounge for makeshift armor, Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld replied, "We have to go to war with the army we have, not the army we want."

Rumsfeld makes it sound like we suddenly found ourselves faced with a war in Iraq. This statement is contrary to what Bush has been trying to sell us for two years: The decision to go to war in Iraq was not a knee-jerk reaction but took painstaking soul-searching and was well planned for.
Right, the war was planned for two years, but Congress was slow to respond with the money needed. Plus they have made the procurement cycle five plus years, with competitive bids, restrictive environmental regulations, and pork barrel demands that weapon systems be built in powerful committee member states.

The troop know who is to blame for the problem of missing body armor.
The majority of U.S. soldiers do not blame President Bush or Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld for a shortage of body armor in Iraq, but instead say Congress should be held responsible - according to a new poll by the Military Times.

Sixty percent blame Congress for the shortage of body armor in the combat zone, reports USA Today in its coverage of the Times survey.
Full details here.

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