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Thursday, December 30, 2004

John Allen's disapointment

John Allen is still upset over the November Election and is calling for readers to Impeach Bush in the December 30, 2004 Letters to the Editor. Let's look at his made up quotes and his unsupported arguments.
Another bought election has come and gone, with predicted results. Our little dictator said, "He would win, one way or another.
Is this a real quote? A real quote should be “I will win...” The Democrats outspent the GOP, it's just the voters did not buy the message. So, who was trying to buy the election?
It was said he won on "moral values." This is the most immoral president we have had. Even he admits to drugs and alcohol.
The President, admits to past use of too much alcohol, and is a recovering alcoholic, as are millions of Americans. Drug use has been claimed, but not proven. When and where did the President admit to drug use?
Like it or not, we are slowing being told what we can see, read and hear.
Please give us one proven example of how a citizen in Nevada County has been “told what they can see, read or hear under the “Patriot Act.”
Bill Clinton was impeached for lying. Bush has lied from day one.
Bill Clinton lied under oath. When did President Bush lie under oath?

Mr. Allen needs to get over his disapointment, the American people have spoken.

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