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Thursday, December 09, 2004

Jack L. Sanchez writes that Osama still a threat, and President Bush is a failure, in 7 December 2004 Letter to the Editor.
In every facet of life, George W. Bush has been a failure - from his college days through his oil businesses, his baseball period and his presidency - with addictions to alcohol, drugs and now religion.
For some one that beat Ann Richards a very tough opponent for the governorship of Texas, who won a Presidential election in 2000, and then again 2004 with a 3 million popular vote margin is hardly a failure. Success in politics is perhaps a “facet of life” that Mr. Sanchez over looked. Succeeding as a F-102 Pilot, a very difficult plane to fly, is not a sign of failure.

President Bush admits to past problems with alcohol. Multiple investigations by liberal newspapers and TV stations have failed to prove any drug use. Calling religion an addiction insults millions of people. It is time for Mr. Sanchez to accept reality, the Republican candidate won the election and will be President for 4 more years. Get a life sir!

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