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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Richard Katz wonders about GOP moral values, in Letters on November 24, 2004
I have a request. Could one of the 22 percent of Bush voters who said they voted Republican to uphold "moral values" please explain the vote of House Republicans that Tom Delay can continue as majority leader even if he is indicted on felony charges by a Texas grand jury?
Well, I will take up the challenge. The District Attorney that indicted Congressman Delay, has a history of indicting political opponents that he does not like. So far, all of those suites have been thrown out for the lack of evidence. The Republican’s in the House changed the rules on indictment, so that rogue DAs cannot short circuit the judicial process. If convicted, then Congressman Delay can step down. Remember, we are innocent until proven guilty. A charge does not make us guilty. Checkout Jeff Ackerman’s Column. Does that help?

As for the other charges, Mr. Katz failed to provide any evidence.

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