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Friday, November 26, 2004

Laurence Kaufman, in his mind, asked some Simple questions, in the November 25, 2004 Letters to the editor.
Do you believe that it is treason for a citizen to criticize the president?
Depends if you are a civilian or a member of the military. The president is the Commander in Chief. When I was in the military, it was against regulations to make public statements against senior officers, including the Commander in Chief.
One of The Union's readers read Eric Schweizer's column in The Union in which Schweizer was highly critical of George Bush. Since Schweizer was a member of the U.S. Navy, the patriotic reader immediately sent Schweizer's column to the JAG Department, U.S. Navy, in an attempt to get Schweizer punished for his thoughts. Did the reader do the right thing? (C'mon, we're looking for an honest answer.)
According to the military code of justice, he did the right thing. Let the Military investigate and determine if this was an improper act under military law.

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