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Friday, November 12, 2004


Mars is experiencing Global Warming!

At the Geological Society of America's annual meeting in Denver:
“Michael Malin, president of Malin Space Science Systems, talked about gullies that may have been sculpted recently by liquid water; evidence of ancient seas; and the discovery that the planet's south polar cap of dry ice is losing weight.

“Mars is experiencing global warming," Malin said. "And we don't know why."
Could it be that a nearby star is heating up all the planets, Earth, Mars, et al? Could it be that Global Warming on Earth is not caused by human activity, but solar activity? Or, is it those damn Mars microbes which are farting Carbon Dioxide and Methane in parallel with power plants and SUV's on earth. Hummm...

As I have written before, the largest influence on our weather is the Sun. Professor Richard Wilson in a peer-reviewed article in the journal Geophysical Research Letters reported the solar energy produced by our sun over the last 24 years increased by 0.05% every 10 years. Now that may not sound like much; but as Prof. Wilson points out, the cumulative effects of this trend could be significant. For example, if this trend had begun a 100 years ago, it would account for a significant amount of the global warming that is worrying environmentalists.

The Sun inpacts all planets, including the Earth and Mars, but Mars does not have any liberals to claim we all caused the global warming.

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