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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Eric Engles, explains Why Ackerman should go, in November 16, 2004, Letters to the Editor

He starts by explaining the role of a good newspaper.
A good local newspaper nourishes public life. It leads the community toward resolution of conflicts by promoting civic dialogue, by keeping alive the conversation between parties who respect each other and work to find common ground despite their differences.
In the real world, the role of a good newspaper is to tell the truth, to seek out and expose political corruption by government officials. Even the appearance of corruption should be examined and reported, so we can recognize the difference. Our founding fathers created a free press as a watch dog for citizens. And, the Internet created web logs for citizens to monitor the press.

Having followed the North Star case for some time, I can not find where The Union and Mr. Ackerman distorted the facts. However, we do not know all the details. The Land Trust has not shown us the records proving Mr. Conklin was clearly the best choice to manage the project, among all those submitting resumes. They have not shown us the request for bids that went out to the local contractors, and that Mr. Conklin's friend submitted the most competitive roofing proposal.

All the public is looking for is the facts, the truth. Attacking the messenger is not the solution. The Union was doing what they should be doing, looking for political corruption and reporting if it is real, or just the appearance of corruption, and then let the readers decide.

Maybe we will soon see Mr Engles web log, so he can publish the truth for all us web log lurkers to read. He can lead "the community toward resolution of conflicts by promoting civic dialogue . . ."

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