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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Conflict is all about appearances, writes Jim Hurley in an Other Voices, November 13, 2004
The Nevada County Land Trust testified to the propriety of the selection process. I know many of the board members and I trust them.
Well, not everyone trusts the Land Trust like Mr Hurley. Some would like to see the evidence, which the Land Trust has not provided. Show those who what more than a press conference the other applicants resumes, and how Mr. Conklin stood head and shoulders above all the other candidates. As assessment by restoration professionals indicates that Mr. Conklin lacked the professional skills need to insure history was preserved, being all heart is not enough.
The Union. . . is on the slippery slope of suppressing dissent - it has revoked the venerable tradition of publishing on this page all qualifying letters.
Again, where is the evidence that the Union has revoked its tradition of publishing all qualifying letters.

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