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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

When you read Jeff Ackerman's column on 5 October, 2004, and all those letters crying the Union is conducting a "smear campaign" against Conklin on the same page, remember that the Union is reporting the FACTS of the case. Reporting the FACTS is not a smear!

When Conklin was hired by the Land Trust, I wrote an Other Voices or Business to Business Column. In writing that column I did a lot of research, including interviews. Nothing the Union wrote was in conflict with what I learned about this blatant act of chronisim by Conklin and the other board members who attended the Northridge Inn lunch. I had to laugh, when Van Zant sat at the next table to avoid a Brown act violation. Do they really think we are that stupid. If he was in voice range of the discussion, they were all in violation!

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